A Father's Dedication: Meet Baba Enoch

|   Disability


This Father’s Day we share our gratitude and admiration for fathers like Baba Enoch, who prioritised his son’s clubfoot treatment above everything else. His dedication and love has drastically changed his son’s future. Thank you Baba Enoch, and all fathers!

“When I saw Enoch’s feet, I thought of my late brother and how hard life was for him-- I had to do something”, his father said. Enoch was born with bilateral clubfoot, a congenital condition in which the feet curve inwards and down. His father asked neighbours where to bring his son, but they did not know where clubfoot could be treated. “It was so painful to see Enoch left behind by the other children when they are playing and running. He tries to go after them but falls and cries”.

When Enoch was two years old his father heard of a hospital treating clubfoot near Ludende, their village in southern Tanzania. There they casted his legs improperly, and he developed sores. When the sores finally healed, Baba Enoch continued his search. “My brother died with clubfoot. My friends and relatives kept telling me my son inherited it from him and there was nothing I could do about it. They told me to give up but I refused”.

In April 2016, Baba Enoch received a call from his friend with good news. He had heard that CCBRT treated clubfoot in Dar es Salaam. “I was so happy”, he recalled, but still needed to figure out how to reach the city. “My wife and I are farmers-- by the time I got the call my crops were sold and my financial situation was not good. I didn’t have cash for transport and accommodation-- but I believed there is always a way”. Enoch’s parents sold a piece of their land and their sofa to cover the cost of his treatment.

They traveled for three days to the CCBRT Disability Hospital where Enoch received his first casting, and have stayed in Dar es Salaam since. In June 2016 Enoch completed his fifth casting, and the change in his feet is visible. “I do not regret coming all the way from my village to CCBRT. This treatment is what I came for and I am so thankful my son will walk correctly for the rest of his life”.